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1000V Insulated Adjustable Wrenches

Irega 1000V Insulated Adjustable Wrenches

Sizes from 6” to 12”

  • For work on voltage up to 1,000V AC or 1,500V DC
  • Each individual insulated wrench is submitted to a high voltage test according to the EN-60900 Standard (equivalent IEC-900). That is, 10,000 Volts for 10 seconds, and only those that pass the test are accepted
  • The handles are insulated with “plastisol” material made of three layers of different colours to warn of danger due to damage - Red (Guaranteed), Orange (Caution) & Yellow (Danger)
  • Available in sizes of 6” (150mm), 8” (200mm), 10” (250mm), 12” (300mm) & 15" (375mm)






6" 150mm



8" 200mm



10" 250mm



12" 300mm


15" 375mm


Important: Insulated adjustable wrenches cannot be homologated to VDE standards because the part used for adjustment (the knurl) cannot be insulated. Consequently, complete user’s security cannot be guaranteed

IREGA are a specialist manufacturer of adjustable wrenches ONLY, and have machinery and technology dedicated to making products of the highest quality

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